This online portfolio is a means of sharing some favourite images with a wider audience. I am largely a self-taught amateur with some useful paternal heritage from www.jessealexander.com and sibling reinforcement including www.andialexander.com.  I have enjoyed a couple of small exhibitions and press publications in the past.

But I would take pictures even if no one else ever saw them; it’s an almost irrational compulsion from distant childhood days.

Having said that, I also love to take pictures for other people’s enjoyment. I am available for hire to photograph informal individual/family portraiture, celebrations, etc., at affordable rates. Recently, this work has extended to converting online albums of family events into Blurb books as gifts. Some images on my website can be purchased as mounted prints. Get in touch below if you’re interested in discussing either.

All feedback will be warmly appreciated, since tastes and reactions are so very varied. I always find it very interesting, often inspiring, to see my images through others’ eyes.

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  1. Andrew Haughton

    These are lovely images. Many are delightfuly familiar to me and continue to grip my attention whenever I see them. I may possibly be the most biased commentator on your work, but it is one of the joys in my life and I know this is true for many others. Having learnt much about what makes a good photograph, i would say your subject choices are always impressive and the images seem uncontrived and natural.
    I hope many others will come to appreciate your work and I dare to say here that it may be time you planned a formal exhibition of your work!

  2. Rachael Stabler

    Truly beautiful images Heidi, I particularly enjoy your portrait shots! It’s incredible the way in which you’re able to capture and convey so much personality in a photo.

  3. RichardJSYoung

    Saul Leiter clearly has an impact as do other recognized photographers so I can see your genealogy and your own personal style signature. Wish to see more of Edinburgh and Scotland in your work since I know how stimulating the people and landscape can be especially in the rich changing weather that you experience. Good to meet you at Photographers’ Gallery, trust that we may meet again.

    Good website structure too. KR.

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