This is my first post on my NEW website, thanks largely to Craig at www.45b.co.uk. At the time of going live, the site will likely still be in anxious tweaking phase, by me.  (Eeeek)

For various reasons I prefer to communicate with images rather than words, so you’re unlikely to find amusing anecdotes or original words of wisdom from me here. I recommend https://bettybites.wordpress.com for that.  I might post the odd quote which resonates.

I plan to post new, and perhaps old scanned analogue images, on a regular basis, which I hope viewers will respond to. I might add the context of an image, if that seems appropriate.

So, today’s first blog post image is a 2014 addition to my album of birds, which I started in 2012 as part of a project playing with slow shutter speeds.


And today’s quote comes from a photographer heroine, Imogen Cunningham (1883 – 1976):

Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

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  1. Rich Stabler

    In response to this wonderful new site AND the tantalising promise of a blog that I cannot wait to follow, I must say I feel truly amazed. What beautiful imagery Heidi! And what a fantastic quote – I’ve been thinking about it all day.
    Keep it up! x

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