Thinking of Paris

Its 2015, and this is only my second post. So much for my good intentions.

I am moved to dig up, process and post for two reasons. Firstly, out of shared distress and dismay watching the ongoing horrors in Paris. We have dear Parisian journalist friends with a brand new baby, and spent a wonderful week there in 2007.

Secondly, my Francophile sister keeps nagging to see the (rather rough) photographic record I took with my first basic digital camera. So these are for you Rori, and for Paris, (although they barely made the cut.)  Nous sommes Charlie.



HAlexanderphoto2007_00048-Edit-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00261-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00252-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00137-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00080-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00251-Edit

HAlexanderphoto2007_00204-EditHAlexanderphoto2007_00218-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00193-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00144-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00151-Edit

HAlexanderphoto2007_00027 HAlexanderphoto2007_00265-Edit HAlexanderphoto2007_00249-Edit heidialexanderphotoHAlexanderphoto2007_00243-EditHAlexanderphoto2007_00030

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